Webster's Sporting Goods

Welcome to our website. Please note that we have temporary hours due to Covid-19. 

Originally in Castleton, Webster's Sporting Goods is currently located at the intersection of 62nd St. and Binford Blvd. It is locally owned by Richard Webster, a retired Chemistry teacher who invented Proprep Glove Conditioner. Services and products are both offered and each customer is helped individually.

  • Graphic Design
  • Equipment fitting
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Varsity Letter Jackets
  • Sewing for Letter Jackets
  • Custom Design Team Uniforms, Shirts, etc.
  • Baseball Glove Relace
  • Thermal Heat Transfer
  • Heat Press
  • Window Clings 
  • Custom Decals

  • Proprep Glove Conditioner - invented by Richard Webster. Breaks in baseball gloves and any leather; used worldwide
  • Football - Helmets, hard/soft chin straps, should pads, game/practice pants (pads sewn in/integrated and regular), practice jerseys, girdles, atlhletic supporters, mouth guards, socks, footballs, uniforms, receiver gloves and more
  • Baseball/Softball - Batting helmets, gloves/mitts, catching equipment, balls, umpire equipment
  • Basketball - Balls, uniforms, officiating gear, whistles
  • Volleyball - Knee pads, shorts, balls
  • Golf - Gloves, bags, balls, clubs
  • Letter Jackets - all color combinations available as well as embroidery and sewing
  • Officiating Gear
  • T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Golf Shirts, Moisture Management Shirts
  • Team Uniforms - custom designed
  • Sports Care Products (tape, braces, pre-wrap) - Mueller prodcuts
  • Ball pumps - for soccerballs, basketballs, etc.
  • Hats - can be embroidered or sent for puff designs
  • Game socks and Jox Sox
  • Graduatoin giflts - towels, blankets, etc.

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Monday - Friday
10am - 4pm
By appointment only

Our Suppliers

Webster's Online Catalog

Webster's Online Catalog: For t-shirts, sweats, spiritwear, bags, and more


Holloway: For Varsity Letter Jackets

Champro Sports

Champro: For team uniforms and accessories


Teamwork: For team uniforms

Pro Prep Leather Conditioner
Pro Prep Leather Conditioner
Acts as a softener, cleaner, conditioner, restorer, scuff resister, and water proofer.

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